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Renée Yan is a New York-based freelance still-life stylist. 

Growing up in New York City, the pervasive street art culture and avant-garde fashion influences of the 80’s and 90’s deeply imprinted on Renee, which led to her to pursue careers in the FASHION and PHOTOGRAPHY industries, starting at the age of 17.

Having worked in diverse positions in the EDITORIAL fashion, VISUAL display and commercial PHOTOGRAPHY fields during her formative years has instilled a steadfast work ethic and developed a keen eye for the smallest details. Sensitivity to space, shape and form resulted from the perfect amalgamation of multidisciplines honed over 20 years of experience as a FREELANCE stylist. 

She draws inspiration from the fluidity and simplicity of objects. The result is, both, calculated placement and organic happenstance for conveying dynamic imagery in an elegant manner.

Renée's main area of focus is soft-goods (laydowns, pin-ups, 3-dimensional rigging) as well as propping.   

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